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Dance Lighting

Sensors coordinate the lights to the beat of the music, these often add atmosphere to the affair especially when room lighting is dim.

optional at no additional expense.


The best DJ cannot makeup for a poor sound system and a great sound system cannot makeup for a poor DJ. That's why I use only top quality lighting and sound equipment that utilizes the latest technology. Below you will find details of the type of equipment I bring to a function. I may bring more or less equipment depending on the size of the function and any special lighting requests.

Typically I bring a compact professional set-up which is appealing to the eye and fits in with the decor of your affair. This setup also takes up a minimum amount of space allowing more room for dancing.

My equipment is specifically designed to be fail safe. This is accomplished by each piece of equipment having built-in backup and redundancy. Also no piece of equipment is dependent on the other, which means that it would take the highly unlikely failure of several separate pieces of equipment at the same time to prevent music from being played. Finally as an added precaution I also bring a back-up set of equipment, including a Denon Dual CD player and corded microphone to all events.


JBL EON Generation 2 speakers with the latest technology, each speaker has an independent built–in 400 Watt amplifier and equalizer with mixing board, to eliminate overloading and shut down due to distortion and heat build up.
Each speaker operates independently of the other and contains not only built-in 400 Watt amplifiers but also built-in equalizers with mixing boards. This means that even if the main amplifier and/or mixing board fails the speakers will still function and the music will go on.

Speaker Stands - eliminates heavy bass vibration caused by floor contact, causes less interference with guest conversation, and frees up space for dancing. The stands also allow the speakers to placed at the optimum height for "filling" the room with music without having to "blast" the music.


Mixing Board
RANE MP24 Professional Mixing Board- built in equalizer with 2 sets of dual outputs, 2 mic inputs, and 12 line inputs.

CD player
Denon Professional dual CD player – independent motors & discs trays that operate on different channels of operation so if one fails the other is unaffected. The CD player also has a digital shock buffer to eliminate any skipping due to poor dance floors, outside patios, cruises, or any other less than perfect conditions.

Cassette player
For music that was never released on digital format and for any music that you or you guests might want to bring.

Cordless Microphone
Convenient for presentation, toasts, blessings and eliminates lost time due to setup complications. I also bring a corded microphone to use at the same time to make transitions smoother.

FURMAN PL8 Professional Power Conditioner
Eliminates any power surges or radio frequency interference due to electrical power overload that could cause damage to the equipment or affect the quality of the music.