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Why you should choose JS Productions

The advantage of Joe Saraceno Productions is that I am a small, professional, experienced DJ service. Also you are dealing directly with the DJ which means you will not be paying any added commissions or fees to an agency or entertainment consultants. Also dealing directly with me translates into personalized service because I treat every affair, no matter if it's large or small, as special. This means you can expect the following when you work with me:

Your consultation appointment will be with me, the DJ that will be at your function, which means:

You will personally see my professionalism. It is not uncommon for people who use a large agency or DJ service to find out the DJ they interviewed isn't the one that shows up at the function. DJ services will often over book their DJs and be forced to hire someone outside the agency to fill in. This means that the DJ you interviewed and liked may not be the one that shows up. What's worse the replacement DJ may not even be an employee of the service you hired, in a pinch they will use anybody they can find, whether their professional or not.
In my 11 years as a DJ I have never missed a job. When you hire me, you get me and nobody else.

You will avoid potential mix-ups about your function. Large agencies often have a separate person who performs the interviews who then tells the DJ what you requested for your function. Often your requests are not communicated effectively to the person working your function resulting in mistakes and mix ups. When you talk directly to the DJ
you are working with you avoid the chance mistakes occurring at your function.


There is no added commission or fees to be paid to an entertainment agency.

Agencies charge you a fee, plus what ever the DJ costs. What's worse is all they do is give you the name of DJs on their list, you still have to view the tape of the DJ and interview them. Hence you still have to do the work and pay an extra fee. You can save yourself this added fee by dealing direct with the DJ. That's the advantage of dealing with J. S. Productions I am not an agency therefore you are dealing direct and saving yourself the added cost of a middle man.



Agency Commission
Referral Fee/Sales Commission

(this is the fee often paid to wedding consultants and other agencies for referrals)
Disc Jockey ($200-$250/hr) 4hrs






I am experienced in:
Helping you plan the entertainment for your affair, I have over 8 years experience and know that no two affairs are exactly the same. I can give you ideas and tell you what works and what usually doesn't for your specific function.

  • Working with the photographer/videographer/and Banquet Service employees to coordinate activities

  • Getting the crowd involved and dancing

  • Handling special requests, dedications and customizing your affair.

  • Accommodating all the guests with music that is appropriate for the setting of your function. Remember most functions have a wide range of people attending whether it be their age or backgrounds.


  • Being professional and capturing each moment in an elegant fashion.


  • Dressing properly for the occasion.

  • Treating your affair as unique and not just another job.

  • Making your affair something you will look upon with fond memories for many years to come.